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Awning Window


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1. Q:What is your main product?

A:We can supply the window system (including profile, hardware, accessories, glass) as well as the finishedproducts ready for installation.


2.Q:How can I know your price?

A:The price is based on buyer's specific requirement, so please provide below information to help us quote exact price to you.

1) Shop drawing / window schedule to show the window dimensions, quantity and type;

2) Frame color;

3) Type of glass and thickness (single or double or laminated or others) and color (clear, tinted, reflective Low-E or others, with Argon or without).


3.Q:What is your delivery time?

A: 38 days after deposit and drawing confirmed


4.Q:What is your payment terms?

A:Normally, 50% of total amount by T/T as deposit and balance before delivery.


5.Q:Will we need to install the glass (onsite glazed) or do your windows come with the glass installed?

A:We will install glass at factory based on windows/doors dimension to make sure they can be safe during transportation and if easy for our buyer to install the whole windows/doors. Onsite glazed are recommended for big sized products


6.Q:What is your warranty ? What do we do in case of problems?

A:10 years quality warranty is provided, including frame unfading nor peel-off, hardware and accessories working properly under correct operation, 10 years warranty for German hardware.In case of our quality problem, we will provide replacement by international courier. immediate delivery of replacement parts with available in stock, and if not stocking, the time should be depending on material ordering time which is normally 10-15 days


7.Q:What kind of service will you provide?

A:We are able to provide the engineering as well as supervising service to guide installation our windows and doors.


8. Q:Are your products Certificated?Title goes here.

 A:Yes, our products meet Australian standard for now and also we will make our product tested and certificated if you required


9. Q:What is spectrally selective glazing?

A:Coated or tinted glazing with optical properties that is transparent to some wavelengths of energy and reflective to others. Typical spectrally selective coatings are transparent to visible light and reflect short-wave and long-wave infrared radiation.


10. Q: How do you pack the windows and doors? Are they come together?

A: We pack them in wooden crates and with bubble bag inside to prevent them from damaging. And we pack glass together so when you install the windows, you just need to put them into the opening, no need to install the glass again, they are complete finished in our factory already.

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